All over the world; we have been dancing since time began.

Even if you have two left feet, getting up and moving around is an instant mood-lifter.

It feels so good to just get up and move your body.  

The beat of a great song can, even if momentarily, help us to forget our troubles.  

What is it about dancing that helps improve our mental health?

How Does Dancing Affect The Mind?

The effect of dancing on the mind is one of release.

When we dance, it releases all of those good things in our brains that make us feel happier.

These things are dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins.

It is thought that dancing releases more endorphins than other forms of exercise.

Dancing also ignites an emotional response in our brains. It can help us to release pent-up emotions such as sadness and frustration.

Does Dancing Help With Depression?

If you suffer from anxiety and/or depression, you’ll know that some days it can just take everything you have just to get out of bed.

Dancing has been shown to help with depression.

It helps to get us moving, which in turn helps the brain release more endorphins as mentioned above.

Endorphins help us to feel happier.  

This is of course helpful to anyone struggling with depression. It helps to lift your mood while also encouraging you to exercise your body when you might not feel like it.

How else can dancing help with depression?

It can encourage you to be more sociable and to feel more connected to our community.

For example, joining a dance class can help you to meet new people and make new friends.

The value and importance of social interaction can simply not be emphasized enough in helping to cope with depression.

What Are The Benefits Of Dancing To the Body And The Mind?

Dancing is so beneficial for both your body and mind.

A great form of exercise; it can help to keep your heart healthy, burn fat while building muscle, and help to improve your balance and coordination.

It can also help to improve both your mood and cognitive skills.

Anything that gets your heart beating a bit quicker, your body will thank you for.

Dancing can also improve your spatial awareness.

It is important to be aware of the people around you, while also understanding and recognizing your own space and how you move in it.  

It can be difficult at first to feel like you can (or want to) dance in front of others.

Once you can get past your inhibitions and any initial embarrassment you might feel, you’ll learn to just go for it.

You’ll begin to relax and not worry about what’s going on around you or what anyone else is going.

It's such a natural process that it is hard not to enjoy.

Can Dancing Relieve Stress?

Dancing is a great tool for relaxation, as well as movement.  

Gentle and soft actions can be as effective as any other, especially for those who may be less mobile but still love to enjoy the art of dance.

If you are someone who feels joy in being busy, dancing can be an amazing form of “ mindful movement.”

Being mindful helps you to live in the present, and to simply accept and allow any thoughts you have at the time without judgment or worry.

Living in the moment is great for lowering stress levels as you learn to accept the place you’re at and not worry about what’s coming next.

Why Does Dancing Make You Happy?

Dancing is an all-around brilliant activity for our mind and body.

It has everything we need to make us happy: Exercise. Human interaction. Creativity.

It helps us to shift our thoughts and focus to tuning out of the world going on around us.

We can take a step back from the daily grind and just enjoy being where we are, in the moment we are right now.

Why Is Dancing So Important?

It is a form of exercise that keeps our bodies fit and healthy while being as vigorous or gentle as we’d like.

No matter how active your dancing is, the impact on our brains is the same.

It keeps our minds active and improves our cognitive thinking.

When we’re dancing, we feel happier, less stressed, and the symptoms of depression are eased.

It can also help us to feel more connected to the world around us by helping us to feel less lonely by socializing more.

We’re almost born dancing. Babies love to move around to the beat of a song. It’s something that you could consider to be part of our make-up.

Dancing is so important because…it reminds us that we are alive.